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2012 Teleseminars – Replays

How valuable would it be to know how to tailor your communication so it makes the most sense to the other person? 
To be persuasive to them?

How to (Almost) Read Minds with Lucy Freedman
Join me for a 45-minute tour of your sphere of influence. Learn how to tune in to what is important to your customers, co-workers, anyone you want to influence to get things done.

How to Gain Influence for Your Ideas with Lucy Freedman

When you have a good suggestion or a great idea, it’s frustrating not to have it heard or implemented. Even the best ideas can get lost unless you focus on your outcome and how you are going to pursue it.

This 45-minute teleseminar will walk you through a systematic plan for moving your ideas past resistance and into the results you want.

Both teleseminars are helpful for negotiating, interviewing, consulting, and selling.

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