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SMART WORK is your Handbook on the SYNTAX of Influence.

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Read how the world calls for a new approach, and a second full chapter that walks you through a turnaround procedure step by step. Anyone can successfully transform a challenging situation into a positive one. Even amidst complexity, time pressure, and the personalities on your team, you can move things forward constructively today.

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Learn how Neurolinguistics and Action Communication combine into one powerful method – SYNTAX – for managing change, complexity, and conflict without losing your cool.  Order your copy of the new edition now.

Chapters include

  • The New Workplace Game
  • Starting Point: What You and Your Customers Want
  • Recognizing and Reducing Resistance
  • Just the Facts, Please… NOT Your Interpretation
  • Twenty-first Century Smarts
  • Requests and Agreements

…and many more.

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In the 15 Years that I’ve had this book I’ve used it extensively for myself as a
reference as well as a tool to introduce colleagues to ‘effective communication’.
My experience with colleagues in Engineering and Industry is that a lot of
colleagues originally think of communication as something which you are either
born with or not.
I’ve used Smart Work very often to explain that it is a skill that can be mastered.
The Syntax Model shows the important elements of communication and also how
they fit together. This together with the Audit form helps to discuss the strengths
and opportunities for improvement with colleagues in a professional way.
All elements of the Syntax Model are clearly described with practical examples
which people can relate to easily. — Geert Leeuwis, Customer Service Manager at Logstor

Useful update of a valuable book: Read the entire review of the classic and the new edition of Smart Work by Geert Leeuwis, who has been using it for over 15 years.




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