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  • Executives, Professionals, Managers and Team Leaders
  • Coaches and Consultants Seeking Advanced Personal and Professional Development
  • Individuals and Teams with Communication Challenges at Work or in Personal Relationships
  • People Who Are Ready to Pursue Their Vision

Getting the most out of your personal and work life is not something to take for granted. Whether you are feeling the urge to go for something beyond what you have accomplished so far, are ready to resolve a longstanding concern, or want to sharpen your focus on your goals, Lucy can help with her amazing ability to tune in to what is going on and to help you open the doorways to where you want to go.

Lucy is trained as a teacher and is certified in Transactional Analysis and Neurolinguistics (NLP). She has been in private practice as a psychotherapist working with individuals, couples, and families, and is the developer of the SYNTAX model of effective communication.

“There’s always a path back to your true self, your strengths, and your dreams. At times, each of us deserves to have a caring and insightful coach to help find the path and travel it wisely. I like to work with people who know that their outcomes and the quality of their lives are truly up to them.”

Lucy Freedman, MAT


Lucy Freedman is your enthusiastic coach



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