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Innovation: Why We Need to Connect with Each Other

Click on this post to view a short fun video that shows us that the connected mind is where good ideas come from.

Optimize Your (Team’s) Time and Talent

What manager hasn’t suffered with the planning or execution of important meetings, having people nitpick or go off on tangents or engage in needless conflict?
I am a PROCESS COACH and help you and your team make the most of your time and talent. Calculate the cost of the talent in the room and the ROI of using a process coach becomes clear.
Contact me to pursue the possibilities for you, your team, your clients. We can partner to get great results through the Five Essentials of Good Groups. Also check out our book, Smart Work: The Syntax Guide for Mutual Understanding in the Workplace (Kendall-Hunt). See for Syntax, the system we use.
Looking forward to hearing from you and smoothing the path to great results with good people!

Recent feedback:
Lucy Freedman possesses that rare quality of being able to lead and follow at the same time. In the space of only two days, she turned one dozen highly creative, independent, and successful entrepreneurs into a productive, unified team, with everyone smiling, pleased with themselves individually and everyone else as a group. I am still amazed at her organizational development skills. I got to watch a master at work.

Anne Teachworth, Southeast Rep, USATAA Council
Director, Gestalt Institute of New Orleans/New York
Fellow, American Psychotherapy Assn.
Author, Why We Pick The Mates We Do