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Love and Work

Today is Valentine’s Day, when we think a lot about love. Most of the focus is on romantic love, hearts and flowers, and all that.

Let’s take a moment to recognize another aspect of love: the love we express when we work.
Gifts from the Heart
No matter what form your work takes, when you show up and contribute energy, smarts, and time, you are sharing your uniqueness.
You may think of your value in terms of the tasks you perform. Yes, that contribution is important.
How you do those tasks and interact with people is at least as important. You have a direct effect on the well-being of those around you. Perhaps you wouldn’t say you love every one of those people. Just the same, they feel your presence — and your love.
Even better, what is good for you, i.e., whatever nurtures your soul, gives you joy, makes your day, is also good for the people around you.

Doing Work You Love
A real luxury in life is getting to do work that you love. Those moments of being fully absorbed, creating results, helping people, learning, succeeding, and being recognized, are sources of motivation.
If this is a frequent experience for you, congratulations.
If you don’t have much of that, guess what? It is up to you to get creative in your career. Whether by enhancing what you are doing now, or following your heart to make a change, or finding a way to do what you love outside of work, you have to express your gift.
An Underrated Resource
For some bizarre reason, work cultures often undermine or discount the gifts of the heart.
HR manager and author Tony DeBlauwe has identified a condition he calls EAD, or Employee Adaptive Displacement, which names the hidden demoralization of many people at work. You can read his recent blog post and download the full paper for more of Tony’s insight.
These workers’ hearts are not engaged. Not only are they unhappy, they are not performing at their potential. 
Engaging the heart has many benefits. The Institute of Heartmath offers statistics proving that the heart has many times more electrical current than the brain.
They and others also show that appreciation and gratitude reduce stress and increase health at work. There are lots of reasons for your left brain to buy into the love thing. Today, use the excuse that it is Valentine’s Day!

A Round of Appreciation

Why not add a few ounces of appreciation for yourself and others today?
Start by recognizing the commitment it takes for you to do your work, to offer your skills, and to help the team.
Give yourself some appreciation for that!
Look around, either in person or in your mind, at the people in your work life. Is it not some form of love that they express each day?
It may seem strange to think of our presence and our contributions as love.  Try putting on that filter and experience the giving and receiving of love that constitutes work. Open your heart to the possibilities.
Share the love this Valentine’s Day.  Namaste
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2012: What It Means

Every new year is an opportunity to re-set our expectations, our intentions, and our attitude just by recognizing our movement through time. 2012 has been imbued with additional meaning, all the way from “the end of the world as we know it” to our more immediate issues of politics and social change. 

From the Mayan calendar we learn that we are in transition times from one cycle of almost thirty thousand years to the next one. It may be hard to believe that human beings could be tuned in to such long cycles that reach so long before our memories and so far into our future. 
We do know that we are part of larger cycles of time. Most recently, the Age of Aquarius was heralded as a time bringing in a new peaceful order. As we look and listen to what’s happening now, it can seem that we are going in the other direction: unrest, poverty, climate change, civil and international wars. 
Some say that this is a stage of clearing. When you go into a room that has been darkened and you turn on the light, you may see a lot of dirt and cobwebs that were not visible before. I love our ability to reframe our experience so that we can be encouraged in the face of discouraging circumstances. 
There are many examples of how people rise above extremely tough times. Even when Viktor Frankl was held in a Nazi concentration camp, he refused to let his captors take away his dignity and hope for humanity. Christianity is built on the triumph of hope over despair in the story of Jesus. We have all probably been inspired by someone in our own lives whose light overcame darkness.
We are all capable of that kind of transformation. Even on a minor scale, without being imprisoned or crucified, we have the choice of turning on a light for ourselves and for others.
We may need reminders of this on a regular basis. I know I do. Whether it comes in the form of a notable year, a moment in time, or inspiration through challenges near or far, it is up to each of us to pay attention to the reminders.
Whatever the large-scale events, threats, or calendars bring to us, transformation comes back to being a personal choice. As we enter 2012, how willing are you to clear out negativity, reach out to people who could use your help, and “be the change you want to see in the world”?
Listen to how you speak, be aware that each action has a ripple effect, and remember that we are all in this together. That will give meaning to the year 2012 for you and those around you without having to know whether the Mayan calendar or any other cosmic turnings really hold sway.
I personally like the message of the book 2012: The Transformation from the Love of Power to the Power of Love by Robert Roskind with Mayan elder Tata Pedro Cruz, which shares the ancient knowledge for our modern time.
That is my wish for you, dear reader, that your life will be filled with the Power of Love in 2012.