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Innovation: Why We Need to Connect with Each Other

Click on this post to view a short fun video that shows us that the connected mind is where good ideas come from.

Desperately Seeking The Healthy Organization

In writing an article on Co-Creating the OK Organization, I have asked people working in a whole range of organizations – from high tech to social work, from manufacturing to software, finance to education – it’s hard to find stories of people who love their organizations. Yes, they may love their work, or the people with whom they work. Some are proud to work for their companies even if they find it frustrating.

The good supervisor or manager goes a long way to deflect negativity. On the other hand, needing to stay in a job for health insurance or fear of unemployment doesn’t help at all. People suffering at work is an old story, despite the efforts of management(when they do care, which is not always apparent) and sophisticated consultants since the middle of the last century.

Whoever has a story about a healthy organization, or one of which they are proud, please tell me all about it. It would be great to learn what that’s like and how it’s done. For me and everyone who goes to work each day. Let’s make organizations reflect the best of what’s possible. And more to come on this topic as I work through the research process.