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After sending out the latest SYNTAX Messenger, about a turning point toward positive organizations, I saw this site at Twitter. An example of organizational wellness and wisdom.

At Twitter, one thing that drives us is our desire to make a lasting impact as a company. Being a force for good is at the heart of that mission. Looking outside the walls of Twitter HQ we see lots of good stuff happening all the time, which invokes an incredible sense of hope that keeps us going.

The open exchange of information is just beginning to become an everyday part of how the world communicates. As folks like you spread positive knowledge through the platform, we’ll be collecting it and highlighting good social movements that you might want to get involved in. So drop in every once in a while to see what’s happening.”

I think that’s a very cool mobilization of the power – not directly financial – of a modern social information company.

Conscious Communicators Create the New World

How we communicate is not only how we get results for ourselves – how we communicate adds up to how the world communicates, what principles are manifested, and how our society works.
Our mental landscapes – consciousness, belief systems, knowledge, curiosities – set the limitations and possibilities of our lives. When we communicate we engage with everyone else’s landscapes to produce the reality we live in.
Hence it is stunning how unconscious most of us are about what comes out of our mouths. We tend to be run by imprinted patterns which may have been consciously learned or decided at an earlier time in our lives but have been forgotten. Especially if we experience the outside world as controlling us, determining our mood and our fate, what we say and do is pretty much set.
Communication Modeling is about being conscious and making new choices, expanding our ability to utilize our faculties in the moment, and to design our personal and working lives the way we desire. Many communication models have emerged since the 1960’s. Each one has added new distinctions and helpful strategies. Watch this blog for discussion, application, exploration, and information about how Communication Modeling keeps us growing as healthy social beings. Change comes from new memes and actions by the people, not from government or corporations.