Syntax Communication Modeling Corporation is a consulting / training / coaching firm based in Silicon Valley that works with clients in the US and internationally.

The SYNTAX Influence Course is offered publicly and as an in-house program customized for companies and agencies.  SYNTAX-Certified coaches and consultants work with individuals, teams, and organizations.

Syntax, the company, was founded and is led by Lucy D. Freedman, a graduate of Radcliffe College and Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Lucy teaching Influence Course 2012

Lucy wants everyone to have the advantage of the game-changing communication skills of great influencers. She developed the SYNTAX Model to distill the essentials and make them easy and fun to apply for immediate results.

Lucy has applied her outstanding skills as an educator, therapist, and organizational development consultant to helping people in high-tech organizations understand and work with each other and with customers and vendors more easily.

She is co-author of Smart Work: The SYNTAX Guide to Influence. The second edition of Smart Work came out in November 2012 with a new preface and two new chapters by Lucy.

SYNTAX learning program graduates include executives, managers, hardware and software engineers from many industries, scientists, team leaders, internal consultants, instructors, facilitators, and coaches. Almost every profession has been represented in some of our courses and coaching assignments.  SYNTAX courses are licensed for delivery inside client corporations when qualified internal facilitators / coaches are certified in SYNTAX.

Companies that have made SYNTAX part of their leadership development and internal change projects include Agilent, Cisco, EDS, HP, Intel, Oracle, Sun, and Tokyo Electron US.

SYNTAX, or the structure, of Influence comprises five skill sets as shown below. We separate out the skills and practice them, then roll the learning back up into a flowing expression of clear intentions and responsiveness to others.

The SYNTAX of Influence

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