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Syntax of Influence
SYNTAX for Change

We help people be more successful in their careers and their companies by being:

.clear on desired outcomes
.influential in relationships
.successful at accomplishing results
.accurate in sharing information
.responsive to feedback

We are here to help professionals increase their clarity, flexibility, and ability to deliver consistently outstanding results. 

If you are a manager, HR liaison, coach, consultant, or internal or external change agent, you need to understand the natural syntax of how effective people collaborate, learn, and succeed.

SYNTAX will help you take your own team or clients and colleagues out of the thinking that creates the problems in the first place.

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Lucy Freedman provides personal attention during the course and follow up teleconferences.
Lucy Freedman provides ample personal attention during the course and follow up teleconferences.

What is this all about?

SYNTAX refers to the structure of successful behavior. There are five kinds of intelligence that bear directly on your ability to influence and accomplish your goals. 

Good design is simple and elegant. SYNTAX lets you design effective behavior that integrates smoothly with your natural style. The more you learn and apply, the more results you will see for yourself and the people who are the reason you are in business. 

The value of simplicity: SYNTAX is  clear and direct, so you can understand and use it right away. As you apply any of the concepts, you will notice a positive difference.  

This is a great opportunity for consultants and coaches who want an introduction to business-applicable aspects of Neurolinguistics as well as Fernando Flores’ Communication for Action techniques.

See below for a video explanation with great action ideas for entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders.

Lucy Freedman explains how to use SYNTAX to gain influence for your ideas.

The Fastest Way to Improve Your SYNTAX

The SYNTAX Influence Course is an intensive, career-accelerating seminar for leaders, change agents, and innovators. When you participate in this program, your ability to guide yourself and others will grow exponentially. 

The course includes three days of in-person learning followed by six weeks of implementation supported by telephone conferences. It is available for intact groups as well as on an individual basis with colleagues from other companies. 

The next session is scheduled for September 24-26, 2014, in Campbell, CA.  There are great discounts for Syntax client and team registrations.

We are easy to reach at 408-353-2490 to help you determine whether this is a fit for you.

When you take the SYNTAX Influence Course, you will LEARN

  • How to focus to reach goals

  • How to build great collaborative relationships

  • How to gain influence for your ideas

  • How to reduce resistance and resolve conflicts

  • How to clear away inaccuracy and communication clutter

  • How to make a bigger difference for yourself and others through your ability to influence

Learn how the most outstanding leaders and communicators succeed!

The word “syntax” means “structure.” SYNTAX is a method for learning the structure underlying effective communication. The SYNTAX Influence Course provides understanding, practice, and application of the five dimensions of SYNTAX for leaders, high performers, coaches, and change agents.

How long do you want to work harder and not smarter? It’s time to invest in YOUR ability to get results. Combine learning + fun + actual profit.


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Register a second person for the same price!

Register a second person!


People who know and use the SYNTAX of Influence navigate challenging and complex situations to reach their goals and exceed expectations. Their leadership makes a difference in their organizations as well as their careers.

How do they do it naturally and consistently?

Their behavior flows from a set of assumptions and behavioral choices.  In this course, you learn, practice, and apply the working parts of effective communication as they relate to your personal syntax and your most important goals.

Through interesting and engaging processes, you become a new observer of your own personal syntax while fine-tuning your insight into others’ behavior. You learn:

  • how to negotiate
  • how to make requests, offers and agreements
  • how to build great relationships right off the bat
  • how to persuade
  • how to maintain a crystal-clear focus on your goals.

In three packed days, you don’t just learn ABOUT the ways that the most effective people succeed, you personally experience and can immediately apply the five types of skills to your own goals and dreams.


Read what a recent participant says about this course:

I highly recommend Lucy Freedman’s “Influence” course, or any other opportunity you might create to work with Lucy!  She is a master of observing and improving human communications, including getting us in touch with our own inner messages that may influence how we perceive and interact with others in our work and family lives. The positive outcomes of taking Lucy’s course far exceeded my expectations.  Working with Lucy and fellow “Influence” classmates had a direct impact on my ability to significantly grow my business this year! — Therese Kollerer, CEO of Lexington Capital Management, Inc. 


For Teams and Organizations

SYNTAX benefits both the participant and the business by increasing motivation, clarity, and teamwork. From clearer instructions, to better listening, to strong agreements, business processes profit from good communication. Not only will the results be reinforced by group participation, you will also benefit from group rates on tuition.  Come sample the impact for yourself and a team member to see how it can help your entire business operate more intelligently. The people have what it takes: does your organization know how to leverage their talent?


The Course includes

    • A pre-course teleseminar and one-half hour one-on-one consultation

    • Three full days of interactive classroom learning (Six to Eight Modules if delivered in-house)

    • Six small-group coaching conferences by telephone

    • A copy of the new edition of Smart Work: The SYNTAX Guide to Influence

    • Workbook and all course materials

    • The knowledge and support to increase your personal influence dramatically


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Register a second person for the same price!

Register a second person!


View a video explanation of the five SYNTAX skill sets here.

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