Be as good with people as you are with technology

Influence is available to EVERYONE. You can reach your goals smoothly and gracefully even if you have struggled in the past. SYNTAX goes right to the core of what we need to know and do to be effective.

We work with leaders, teams, and organizations to ensure that smart people get smart results with other people. Success relies on these skills in technical fields as much as in any other.

If you have ever felt frustrated and had the sense that you could do better to get your point across, understand others, and have an impact, you are right. These universal skills can be honed and strengthened throughout our lifetimes. Your team and organizational culture can hold and transmit these skills in the course of doing your everyday business. Don't neglect the people side of your business success.

Is your organization ready for a PEOPLE SKILLS UPGRADE?

Syntax of Influence
The SYNTAX of Influence

That's what SYNTAX can deliver - in a way that suits your organization's goals, culture, practices, and budget.

GET STARTED with the SYNTAX Change Readiness Questionnaire, a baseline for assessing your needs and the best solutions for you.  Once we have your results, we will send you a report of your profile, as well as a summary of survey results for benchmarking purposes.


  • Request an in-house introductory session to meet current needs while introducing your team to SYNTAX.
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